ME 201/MTH 281/ME 400/CHE 400

Information on Mathematica, the ME Computer Lab and Software Downloads


The link for downloading the student version of Mathematica is . Using your netID you will be able to download a free copy of version 8.0.1 of Mathematica.

Detailed instructions for using Mathematica, with special reference to the ME Computer Lab, can be obtained from the link below. In addition to the ME computer lab, Mathematica is available on public machines in Harkness 114, Taylor 41, Taylor 31 and Clarc.

Using Mathematica in ME 201/MTH281/ME400/CHE400

To help you get started with Mathematica, there are two notebooks available for download. One, called Sampler, is a very brief introduction to the most basic commands in Mathematica. The other, the tutorial, is a fairly comprehensive introduction to many common calculations which can be done in Mathematica, including arithmetic, algebra, defining functions, plotting, root finding, replacement rules, differentiation, integration, differential equations, summing series, lists and matrices, fitting curves to data, programming in Mathematica, graph animation, and writing your own notebook.



Another useful aid for beginners is the screencast prepared by Wolfram to show the basics of Mathematica 8. It is available on the Wolfram web site at




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