Biophysical and technological fluid mixing at the University of Rochester
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Alternative Energy & Fluid Mixing seminar series
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OPENINGS: Interested in postdoctoral or PhD work with us? Funding and projects are available! Email Doug.
WELCOME! Jia Liu and Adi Raghunandan joined the team this fall.
PUBLISHED: Vertical shear alters chemical front speed in thin-layer flows in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic resistance of perivascular spaces in the brain in Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, and Comparing free surface and interface motion in electromagnetically driven thin-layer flows in Physical Review Fluids.

Despite the ubiquity of fluid mixing—think cream in coffee, plankton in Earth's oceans, storm systems in our atmosphere—mixing is devilishly difficult to predict, control, or understand. We study the space- and time-dynamics of flows and the materials being mixed in them. Read more, watch Doug's overview or contact us.