Instrumentation & Processing for the Nanoscale
Group News and Announcements

April 21st 2011: We'd like to welcome our newest postdoc Jessica Snyder to the group, she brings expertise in biostatistics and biophysics.

April 1st 2011: A belated welcome to Joey Lawson, the newest addition to the group. We all have high hopes for his future contributions to the group.

December 16th 2010: Dr. Scott Kennedy defended his dissertation on AFM Cantilever Calibration, congratulations.

August 16th 2010: Welcome Brian MacMillin, the latest member of the Clark Research Group.

April 30th 2010: Congrats to Yiquan and Nathan for their recent publications in the journals Polymer and Optics Express, respectively.

December 14th 2009: Congrats to Monica Rivera for her hire at Motile Robotics. The company develops bio-inspired technologies to enhance the ability of engineered platforms to mimic natural creatures.

December 7th 2009: Congrats to Scott Kennedy for his recent publication in the Review of Scientific Instruments. His article presents a method for the calibration of AFM cantilevers under heavy fluid loading.

October 23rd 2009: Yiquan Wu received an award from the Air Force's Young Investigator Research Program to study anisotropic laser ceramics and single crystal derivatives, congrats.

September 30th 2009: Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Carnell for successfully defending her dissertation.

August 5th 2009: Nathan's paper "Toward holonomic control of Janus particles in optomagnetic traps" was published in Advanced Materials.

April 6th 2009: Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Jenness for successfully defending his dissertation.

December 12th 2008: Congrats to Scott Wilson for successfully completing his master's defense.

November 6th 2008: Congratulations to Dr. Monica Rivera for successfully defending her dissertation.

August 7th 2008: Matthew Johannes received the 2008 Best Paper Award from the Design Engineering Division at the 2nd International Conference on Micro- and Nano Systems. He presented his paper "Enabling soft lithography using atomic force microscopy."

The Clark Research Group's expertise is in the science of acoustics and bionano- manufacturing. Our current research focus is aimed at the development of new instruments for the exploration of single-molecule mechanics and for the deposition and control of materials at the nanoscale. This includes recent projects devoted to the study of multi-valency in molecular binding events, the use of enzymatic stamps to render surface patterning as an alternative to micro-contact printing, the use of phase directed light distrubtions for optical trapping and micro/nanoscale manufacturing, and AFM instrumentation development for improved control and patterning. Our group continues to serve as a resource within the University of Rochester with respect to the development and advancement of new instrumentation and signal processing tools. Our most recent research activity devoted to quantitative assays, obtained through the detection of single molecule binding events was published in PNAS.

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